[Rubygems-developers] Another plug for Simon's patch

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Fri Apr 2 08:31:26 EST 2004

On Friday, April 2, 2004, 6:15:36 AM, Mauricio wrote:

>> Now, exactly /what/ policy to adopt is another question.  I've read the
>> example for library-0.0.0, but it's not clicking for me.  I'm not sure
>> why, let me think on it a bit and I'll respond later.

> I also dislike the fact that it's much 'heavier' than the other
> minimalistic policy I talked about. But it's really nice in the sense
> that it allows you to have an arbitrary number of
> "backwards-compatibility levels", and that causally (the gemmaker need
> not know which future releases will be compatible).

It's not really clicking woth me either.  Shouldn't a policy really
just be as simple as:

  * 3 digits: interface (major), implementation (minor), patch
  * change the major number only when you have changed the API
  * change the minor number each time you add a significant feature
    and want to share the release
  * change the patch number each time you do something

OK, a bit more detail, but not much.

>> There is a related issue here.  I believe the current behavior is to
>> automatically download any missing dependencies.  I do have a small
>> problem with the entirely automatic download.  I really would like to be
>> notified of the gems (and version) that are needed and would like to
>> explicitly approve them.  Debians apt-get does something like that.
>> When I install a package, it lists the dependent packages it needs to
>> download and asks for a go/no-go decision.  I think that would be a good

> I believe that still puts too much burden on the end-user; he will have
> to know which versions are incompatible with the stuff he's got
> installed. He might break things and fail to realize it until *much
> later*, at a time where he might be unable to relate that to the
> installation that caused it all (esp. if several other were performed
> in between).

RubyGems is already making life easier for the user.  I don't think
asking for confirmation of automatic downloads is "putting too much
burden" on them.

At any time, you should be able to ask what the dependencies of an
installed gem are.  And it should tell you what you have installed to
match those dependencies.  That's not difficult.


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