[Rubyforchange-talk] Coding for change

Helder Ribeiro helder at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 22:10:49 EDT 2007

Hey, guys!

I'm really interested in joining this group of people who want to do
something for the world with their talents and it's really great to
see ideas coming up and people willing to do stuff.

And as much as I like the idea of Charity Driven Development (coding
normal stuff, getting paid and donating the money) - I might even help
out with that -, I'd also like to see free software projects that are
*themselves* going to directly benefit suffering people throughout the

As an example, I've heard about this big complex health management
software that is geared towards developing countries and is in active
use in Africa. That's the sort of thing I'd like to work on, or
something educational, etc., and something that is already in active
use if I can help it (it's less than ideal coming up with an idea and
maybe not having the means to actually get people to use it).

Does anyone know what's the name of that medical software (can't find it!)?

Do you know of other projects that are in use in developing countries
and could use some help?

Do you have any ideas of projects that we could start ourselves and
that would have that kind of impact?

Thanks for listening, hope we can actually find something we can help
people with :-)




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