[ruby-opengl-devel] anisotropic.rb:188:in `glutCreateWindow': wrong argument type String (expected Array) (TypeError)

Jan Dvorak jan.dvorak at kraxnet.cz
Sat Mar 28 22:04:12 EDT 2009


> ruby-opengl:
> I get that error simply trying to run that example. Nearly all the
> examples bomb out like that.
> My versions are Linux tubby 2.6.27-11-generic...
> ruby 1.9.0 (2008-06-20 revision 17482) [i486-linux]
> (Installed via whatever my Ubuntu 8.10 version is)
> libglut3-dev - Version: 3.7-25
> Aaaaand ruby-opengl-0.60.1, via gem install.
> Please note that I have built ruby extensions before, including
> extensions that drive OpenGL, so please don't go easy on me with the
> technical details!
> Where should I look next?
Well, my best guess is that you have some conflicting installation of
previous version of the bindings, which gets loaded instead so try to
look for glut.so/glut.rb in standard ubuntu places (/usr/lib/ruby,
/var/lib/gems etc.).

Also if you have multiple versions of ruby (1.8,1.9), those are binary
incompatible so you need to compile the extensions (or install gem) for
each version separately.


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