[ruby-opengl-devel] Another status update

Jan Dvorak jan.dvorak at kraxnet.cz
Sat Sep 22 20:02:21 EDT 2007


despite the silence on this mailing list, the project is still alive and well, 
and i think we're near another release. Here is what has changed from 0.40.1 
so far:

GLU cleanup, update and fixes
GLUT cleanup, update and fixes
Added support for numerous extensions
Some new examples and code cleanup
Pixelpack/unpack buffer support (OpenGL 2.1 feature)
Some refactoring to remove code duplicity for easier maintenance (lots of work 
still to be done)
Lots of bugfixes.

Which extensions are currently supported is outlined in doc/extensions.txt 
(also on project homepage), hopefully this list will be htmlized in near 

I've also updated the documentation and homepage, also adding direct links to 
bug tracker, SVN and files area on rubyforge. If there are any errors or 
something missing, please let me know.

As i've done some larger changes to code base (and added number of functions 
for GLUT 3.7), i would like to ask Al, or anyone other with Mac to test 
whether everything works, and send in output from compilation and testsuite 

(FYI, the platforms i test on are: 32bit SUSE linux with nvidia binary driver, 
32bit Windows XP, 64bit Ubuntu linux with latest Mesa library)

The only major thing that is currently lacking from the project is API 
documentation - i am still looking into what would be best. Preferably some 
xml or text format which could be both easily parseable (for creating html 
and other versions) and easily editable without need for special tools.
I ruled out RDoc, as it is too cumbersome and inflexible to be used on this 
project and it would require heavy hacking to produce any useful output at
out current C code.

And as always, any input is welcome.


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