[ruby-opengl-devel] Release 0.50.0 of ruby-opengl

Jan Dvorak jan.dvorak at kraxnet.cz
Tue Oct 23 00:28:59 EDT 2007


we've just released version 0.50.0 of the bindings (thanks, Alain). Changes 
since last release:

* GLU and GLUT cleanup, bugfixes, some missing functions added - version 3.7 
of GLUT API is now requirement (previously 3.0)
* We added support for number of OpenGL extensions (see webpage for details)
* Some new examples and code cleanup
* Support for OpenGL 2.1 (that includes pixelpack/unpack buffer)
* Some code refactoring to remove duplicity 
* Website and documentation update (still no API doc though)
* Lots of bugfixes.

Any feedback is welcome.

As a side note, i created ruby bindings for GLFW library, which is intended as 
lightweight replacement/complement of GLUT - among other things it fully 
supports multisampling, user-specified event processing (instead of GLUT's 
forced loop), full joystick handling etc. However it is not full replacement 
for GLUT, and it also adds dependency on the GLFW library, so i decided to 
put it as standalone package, instead of include it as part of ruby-opengl. 
You can read more about it at http://ruby-glfw.rubyforge.org/


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