[ruby-opengl-devel] Compiling on Windows with VS2005

Ingmar Stieger ro at stiegerhs.de
Fri Oct 5 06:37:00 EDT 2007


On 04 October 2007 23:14, Jan Dvorak wrote:

> Unfortunately i was able to test the bindings only on VC 6, although i can't 
> see any reason why it shouldn't work on any other versions. The only 
> difference between ruby-opengl and ruby-ode are that we are linking to system 
> library (opengl32.dll), but that should be compiler independent as far as i 
> can tell. If you try to replace Init_gl function in gl.c with empty one, then 
> try to compile and load it, does it still crash ?  Possible solution to your 
> problem may be trying to use the VC6 ruby installer, ruby-ode and ruby-opengl 
> compiled with VC6 and only the ODE itself compiled under VC8/VS2005.
> Other than that, i am afraid i cannot be of much help as i know very little 
> about windows linking and compilers in general, sorry.

Thanks for your answer.

After a couple of hours fiddling around with various combinations, I finally 
found the root of the problem: It is not directly ruby-opengl related, but a 
problem of the Ruby build scripts for Visual Studio 2005:

The manifest files for msvcr80-ruby18.dll und ruby.exe are not embedded into 
the executeables like VS2005 normally does, so you have to create them on your 
own and copy them into ruby's bin/ directory. After I did that, the error 
message went away and ruby-opengl works just fine !

The runtime environment had no problem with ODE, but for some reason definitely 
needs the files for opengl. Oh well...

Thanks again,

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