[ruby-opengl-devel] Compiling on Windows with VS2005

Jan Dvorak jan.dvorak at kraxnet.cz
Thu Oct 4 17:14:21 EDT 2007


On Tuesday 02 October 2007 14:15, Ingmar Stieger wrote:

> for a project of mine I want to use Ruby with ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)
> and OpenGL on Windows. Since ODE does no longer support VC6, I had to
> compile everything from scratch wit Visual Studio 2005 Express.
> So far, I've succeeded in compiling Ruby 1.8.6, ODE, Ruby-ODE, and
> Ruby-OpenGL, so I think my build environment is at least not totally off.
> Unfortunately, if I try to require 'gl', Windows complains about the
> runtime environment as Ruby tries to load lib/gl.so. I made sure to
> recompile everything with the same environment, so I did not mix e.g.
> debug and retail builds. If I e.g. require 'ode', the library loads just
> fine. This is the error that is displayed:

Unfortunately i was able to test the bindings only on VC 6, although i can't 
see any reason why it shouldn't work on any other versions. The only 
difference between ruby-opengl and ruby-ode are that we are linking to system 
library (opengl32.dll), but that should be compiler independent as far as i 
can tell. If you try to replace Init_gl function in gl.c with empty one, then 
try to compile and load it, does it still crash ?  Possible solution to your 
problem may be trying to use the VC6 ruby installer, ruby-ode and ruby-opengl 
compiled with VC6 and only the ODE itself compiled under VC8/VS2005.
Other than that, i am afraid i cannot be of much help as i know very little 
about windows linking and compilers in general, sorry.


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