[ruby-opengl-devel] Compiling on Windows with VS2005

Ingmar Stieger ro at stiegerhs.de
Tue Oct 2 08:15:02 EDT 2007


for a project of mine I want to use Ruby with ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)
and OpenGL on Windows. Since ODE does no longer support VC6, I had to
compile everything from scratch wit Visual Studio 2005 Express.

So far, I've succeeded in compiling Ruby 1.8.6, ODE, Ruby-ODE, and
Ruby-OpenGL, so I think my build environment is at least not totally off.

Unfortunately, if I try to require 'gl', Windows complains about the
runtime environment as Ruby tries to load lib/gl.so. I made sure to
recompile everything with the same environment, so I did not mix e.g.
debug and retail builds. If I e.g. require 'ode', the library loads just
fine. This is the error that is displayed:

An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Then I created a small test project in C, and tried to call Init_gl in
gl.so, which works if I use the /MD (multi-threaded DLL) runtime
environment, with which Ruby and Ruby-OpenGL have been built as well. So
  gl.so works from my test program, but not when loaded by Ruby. Why
would that be ?

So, could somebody please point me into the right direction ? I think it
must be something stupid that I have overlooked, but currently I have no
idea how to continue...

Ingmar Stieger

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