[ruby-opengl-devel] Status report

Jan Dvorak jan.dvorak at kraxnet.cz
Fri Mar 16 15:37:18 EDT 2007


I've added some interactive tests into trunk, these can be run by 'rake 
test_interactive' as stated in previous Alain's email, and can be compared to 
reference renderings in test/interactive/reference. These testcases should 
test about 40% of all opengl functions so far. The good news is that although 
i have to fix some bugs in the process, they were mostly typos or copy&paste 
errors, nothing critical. 

The API should be pretty stable now, meaning that any program working with 
current trunk state of the bindings should work without changes in all future 

What's still missing is documentation about API changes (compared to C), i'll 
try to organize my notes concerning this and will send them here in following 

I'm afraid i won't have much time working on the project for the next two 
weeks, but i'll be reading (and responding to) this mailing list,so feel free 
to test everything and report any problems/ideas.

As for next release, i noticed some people using modified Yoshi's bindings 
with version names such as 0.33pX or 0.34pre, so i suggest numbering next 
release as 0.4.0 to avoid confusion (also there was lots of stuff added to 
trunk since last release). Alain, what do you think ?

As always, any comments are welcome.

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