[ruby-opengl-devel] 2.1

Al Hoang hoanga at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Mar 6 10:46:49 EST 2007

On Mar 2, 2007, at 7:20 AM, Jan Dvorak wrote:

> Hello,
> i've added full functionality for gl 2.0/2.1. Since there has been  
> radio
> silence for the past week or so, i'm providing this patch as  
> cumulative one -
> in includes all my previous patches posted on ruby-opengl-devel  
> mailing list
> (except the one already admitted into svn). In short it adds full  
> support for
> al core opengl features (with some exceptions noted below). There  
> are some
> things that will probably be further modified (meaning small api  
> changes), so
> i would call support for 1.2+ as experimental for now.

	Way cool!   I just applied the patch and tested that it can build  
properly on an OS X
machine (10.4.8 PPC) so that is a good sign.   I'll try to test  
building it on a Linux box as well.
If that works I don't see why it shouldn't be merged into trunk.   
Perhaps we can
put out another small release if you feel it's ready to be toyed with.

	I'm afraid I won't have time to sit down and write example code to  
test the
functionality although on reflection that should probably be one of  
my priorities so
that one can actually see it do something.  I'll put it down on my  
todo list.


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