[ruby-opengl-devel] Release 0.40.0 of ruby-opengl

Alain Hoang hoanga at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Jul 24 13:02:58 EDT 2007


Jan Dvorak wrote:
> Btw, i think we should enable task browser (and/or tracker for 
> bugs/patches/feature requests) on rubyforge to keep track of progress and 
> things that needs to be done. Your thoughts ?

	Sorry for the slow reply.  I think enabling the task/tracker is perfect 
for keeping track of issues, bugs or todo items that should be done. 
I've enabled the task manager and the wiki as a way to see if there is 
any feedback that people would add.

	As far as I know the tracker should be already enabled for anyone who 
wants to submit anything.  Although perhaps it isn't?


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