[ruby-opengl-devel] [glu]tesselate

joel.duet at free.fr joel.duet at free.fr
Mon Jul 2 16:24:31 EDT 2007


I'm testing the demos I've found in
in the sample directory.

Everything works fine except the sample/tess.rb, which should display a white
square with a triangle (black) hole in the left side of the window, whereas it
only displays a white square (the right side displays a colored star which is

I know that's wrong because I've also tried the corresponding C code
Mesa-xx/progs/redbook/tess.c I've found in the Mesa demos archive and this one
displays the hole.

Does anyone know what's the problem or how can I get the right dispaly ?

Thank you

P.S. I've tried that with the ruby 1.8.6 (the full installer) for windows and
also the ruby 1.8(.5 I think) for linux.

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