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Robert Krimen grin.k1tt3n at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 04:30:55 EDT 2006

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From: Robert Krimen <grin.k1tt3n at gmail.com>
Date: Sep 20, 2006 1:30 AM
Subject: Re: [ruby-opengl-devel] moving slowly towards using mkrf
To: John Gabriele <jmg3000 at gmail.com>

Everything seems to compile okay, but plane.rb can't seem to find the

All, build_install.txt makes reference to test/plane.rb, which doesn't


On 9/19/06, John Gabriele <jmg3000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I moved the extension modules back into their own subdirectories under
> ext, since it seems to make the most sense to keep extension modules
> separated, and makes things easier when using mkrf.
> The top-level Rakefile is still in-place, and has been modified so it
> still may work for you for the time being. The mkrf extconf.rb files
> very probably won't work right now, as we're waiting on a fix in
> mkrf's svn.
> As soon as mkrf gets taken care of, we can get the individual
> extconf.rb files working and then try to switch the top-level Rakefile
> over to just delegating to the others (instead of doing all the build
> work as it's currently doing).
> Thanks,
> ---John
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