[ruby-opengl-devel] mkwrap_test

minh thu noteed at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 20:14:25 EDT 2006

> > I think the test is ok.
>   Yes...it fixes the one problem, now I have another issue on the Mac:
of course :)
>     glutCreateMenu(void (*)(int));
same problem : I match `void (* a_name) (int)`
> glut.c:257: error: too few arguments to function 'glutCreateMenu'
and then, it doesn't generate code and glutCreateMenu misses an arg.
>   I've updated the test case and committed it...
> > For compiling, I do this first
> > cat glut_wrap.c glut_init.c > all.c
> > then I compile all.c.
>   Does the rakefile in utils work?

It lacks the concatenation of the two glut_*.c files.
Otherwise, I think so.
If there's no concatenation, glut_wrap.c will generate warnings
(defined but not sed) and glut_init.c will generate errors (use but
undeclared : because they are in glut_wrap.c and we don't provide
their declaration).

Individually or not, it will generate warnings about the callbacks :
they don't have the correct type, but actually they're completely
wrong since i don't handle them yet.

Please, see callback-info.c and tell me if it's ok for you, and I will
generate that way.
(I won't use the WINDOW_CALLBACK_DEFINE/SETUP, but directly write the c code)

I talked a bit with John and he tells me he would rather only generate
the missing part, the issue being (maybe) too much specific tweaks
(for the different version of  OpenGL, for instance). Tell us what you
think. (John, correct me if I'm wrong).

For the test-fixing, I won't do it now, I'm sure you can handle it :)

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