[ruby-opengl-devel] Re : Requirements and Design

peter mclain peter.mclain at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 19:52:51 EDT 2006


> Are you working on ruby-opengl this Labor Day week-end ? Until when
> does it last ?

  Yes, I'll be playing (not working ;^) on it a bit.  We just get Monday off.

> (sorry for my english... you can correct me if you want/have time to do so :)

  I'd have written "When does it end?" instead of "Until when does it last?".

> > As promised, here is my script, not finished, in attachment. (it is
> accompagned with a simple build.sh)
> It was tested on freeglut_std.h. It doesn't handle yet the callbacks
> but I understand how
> to handle them.
> It is still a bit messy...

  I like the idea of the script, but it seems to conflict with the
idea of using Yoshi's code as a base...  Perhaps Thu can check the
code into a directory, trunk/experimental (or something) because I'd
like to play with it, but I first needed to make some tweaks to get it
to compile on OSX.

  I'd like to see the script simplified to do just one job: take an
input file (gl.h, glut.h, whatever.h) and spit out the .c file.  We
can then use the rakefile to call it once for each of gl.h, glut.h
etc.  I think that will clean up mkwrap.rb a bit.

  But, still, nice work...

Peter McLain
peter.mclain at gmail.com

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