[ruby-opengl-devel] Re : Requirements and Design

minh thu noteed at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 14:44:14 EDT 2006


> [snip]
> I'd figured that the wrapper was pretty straightforward, and that we
> wouldn't bother trying to cater to older versions of Ruby. Also,
> personally, I haven't been using Ruby long enough to know how previous
> versions differ from 1.8.


> [snip]
> The modules named in the extension module C source code would be "Gl",
> "Glu", and "Glut". Those are the names as someone would refer to them
> in their own Ruby source code, as in `include Gl` or `Gl.glFooBar(
> Gl::GL_FOO_BAR )`.
> This will all be in the tutorial soon.


Are you working on ruby-opengl this Labor Day week-end ? Until when
does it last ?
(sorry for my english... you can correct me if you want/have time to do so :)

As promised, here is my script, not finished, in attachment. (it is
accompagned with a simple build.sh)
It was tested on freeglut_std.h. It doesn't handle yet the callbacks
but I understand how
to handle them.
It is still a bit messy...

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