[ruby-opengl-devel] Fwd: Fix to get it working on my system:

peter mclain peter.mclain at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 02:51:20 EDT 2006


> I don't think this is related (since I tried it again without the
> change), but with the latest svn, on Ubuntu I'm getting:
> trunk/samples$ ruby smooth.rb
> smooth.rb:23: undefined method `glScale' for GL:Module (NoMethodError)
>         from smooth.rb:40

  Yes...glScale is one of the "untyped" ruby-esque helper methods
added in gl_untyped.i.  I have turned off inclusion of gl_untyped.i by
default (see below for my reasons).  If you want/need to turn it back
on, you can pass a flag into rake like this:

  cd ext/gl && rake clobber && rake RBOGL_UNTYPED=1

This will pass -DRBOGL_UNTYPED into swig, which will then %include the
untyped function support.

  Thinking back to priorities, I think the first priority is to make
sure all of the standard opengl calls work (more work to do there, so
I don't want to be distracted by old-style sample code not working).
I also think we should provide a plain vanilla opengl wrapping without
polluting it with random ruby things.  There may be people that prefer
a clean extension.  I think we are then free to add a lot of nice ruby
helper functions later, perhaps in .rb files as Minh Thu suggested.
This allows both clean opengl namespace and a more friendly
ruby-opengl namespace.

> This next one just hangs with the glut window open, but with nothing
> drawn inside:
> trunk/samples$ ruby test.rb

  Hmmm....test.rb shows the white square on a black background for me.
 There may be a real issue here....

Peter McLain
peter.mclain at gmail.com

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