[ruby-opengl-devel] Re : about gl_untyped.i

Robert Krimen grin.k1tt3n at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 17:06:57 EDT 2006

> I'm not too interested in trying to add our own Vector class, and
> modifying glVertex to accept it as an arg. My guess is that there are
> already a number of good math-oriented modules out there, and I don't
> want to reinvent the wheel, nor to select one as "the one". If the
> users want this functionality, they can bind their favorite math
> module to ruby-opengl as they see fit and we'll be happy to put a link
> to their module on our site. :)
> ---John

FYI, there are already standard, built-in Vector and Matrix classes in
1.8written by Keiju ISHITSUKA
I think people would find it natural to pass these through to gl calls, but
it's not high priority.

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