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peter mclain peter.mclain at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 03:23:19 EDT 2006

Hi Robert,

On 8/28/06, Robert Krimen <grin.k1tt3n at gmail.com> wrote:
> What is the status of this port?

  We just started the project a few days ago.  I wasn't really expecting a
lot of people to jump in quite so early.  You've caught us before we really
have our act together.

  The current status is that we can run SWIG, produce a .bundle for the Mac
and (thanks to you and Minh) a .so on Linux.  I had copied a couple of
simple OpenGL test programs from John's transitional project just as a
hello-world level of testing.  We are still pretty far from a public release

aaindex.rb doesn't run at all, but that seems to be because I don't have a
> good visual:

  That is to be expected.  I had just put it in so that I could generate
some more failures to fix.  Right now, I don't consider the code in the .i
files to be final.  I'm exploring the issues the port raises and hope to get
enough data to make some decent design decisions down the line.  Right now,
I'm just plodding through and discovering where the issues are.

  I intend to update the docs section with findings and some more design
notes in the next few days.

  Thanks for your interest in the project, and the patch.

Peter McLain
peter.mclain at gmail.com
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