[ruby-oci8-devel] About XML DB support in Ruby-OCI8

Liming Lian liming.lian at oracle.com
Tue Mar 11 23:25:35 EDT 2008

Hi Kubo,

I am looking into XML DB support in Ruby-OCI8. It is apparent the 
existed code in xmldb.c only implements part of this functionality. And 
it is quite standalone and focuses only on how to construct REXML 
objects from XML data. The missing parts are: defining new data type of 
XMLType for binding, operating XML data in database and some other 
functions related to OCI operations.

Another issue I concern is that, the XML DB support depends on XMLDB 
development toolkit(XDK). We have to check the host environment to 
determine if the XDK is available in the configuration phase.  To check 
prerequisite of XDK installation, I think we have to change the 
ext/oci8/extconf.rb or ext/oci8/oraconf.rb a little bit to generate 
proper Makefile for compiling oci8lib.

Before taking further step into improving XML DB support in OCI8, I 
would like to know your thoughts  including how did you previously plan 
to design xmldb.c, what's the difficulties you have ever met, and does 
this module depends on any other parts in Ruby-OCI8. I believe those 
information is a great of importance to me.

Thanks in advance!


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