[ruby-oci8-devel] Ruby OCI8 proxy authentication

KUBO Takehiro kubo at jiubao.org
Sat Apr 26 01:48:17 EDT 2008


On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 12:00 AM, Ted Behling
<ted.behling at htc.hargray.com> wrote:
>  Kubo or Liming, it would be great if you were to please comment on
>  whether this is something you would be interested in adding to
>  ruby-oci8.

I myself have no plan to add the feature. My highest priority is releasing
ruby-oci8 2.0. But it doesn't prevent anyone from contributing. If anyone
make a patch and it is useful, I'll apply it to ruby-oci8.

Note that I may not apply it if it is a patch for ruby-oci8 1.0. It would be
postponed until ruby-oci8 2.0 also have same feature. If the patch is for
ruby-oci8 2.0, I'll accept it.

>  For your information, here are some good explanations of proxy
>  authentication:

As Shiwei said, how would you love best to pass arguments to OCI8.new()
when you want to create a connection using Proxy Authentication?

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