[ruby-oci8-devel] [Ruby-oci8-devel] alloc_sz

KUBO Takehiro kubo at jiubao.org
Tue Dec 11 10:19:29 EST 2007

Hi Liming,

On Dec 10, 2007 7:19 PM, Liming Lian <liming.lian at oracle.com> wrote:
> One thing I want to make clear is, kubo, which kind of binds are you
> initially considering to support for Array DML? OCI supports two kinds
> of binds for array DML, PL/SQL binds and non-PL/SQL binds.
> It means that once we have set maxar_sz, both parameters: maxarr_len and
> curelep will be enabled in the OCIBindByPos call. So from the source
> code, I guess it is to implement the PL/SQL binds.

Yes. Current source code is for the PL/SQL binds.
I had started to implement PL/SQL binds initially.
Please change the code or add code to support non-PL/SQL binds.

We can delete the PL/SQL binds support if the following URL's
problem can be fixed.

If we can get the TDO of the collection type, we can create an
instance of the collection type by OCIObjectNew(). If the package local
types can  be described, we have no need to support PL/SQL binds.

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