[ruby-oci8-devel] Proposal for bind_param_array function prototype

Liming Lian liming.lian at oracle.com
Tue Dec 11 01:50:20 EST 2007


I have proposed the function prototype for bind_param_array. Please let 
me know what's your opinion on it.

-------------  bind_param_array  -------------

##  Description

bind_param_array(key, var_array, type = nil, max_item_length = nil, 
max_array_size =nil)

bind array explicitly

##  Parameters

* key

Same as key parameter in bind_param

* var_array

An array to insert

* type

The type of elements in parameter var_array. If not specified, the type 
will be determined by checking the first element in var_array。

* max_item_length

Maximum length of the item in var_array. If not specified, a default 
size will be used. The default sizes vary from the different data types 
of var_array.

* max_array_size

Maximum length for incoming array. If not specified, a default size will 
be used. (Need to discuss: how large the default value should be proper 
for max_array_size. The maximum number of rows allowed in an array DML 
statements is 4 gigabytes -1, but obviously we can't use that number here)

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