[Ruby-oci8-devel] alloc_sz

Liming Lian liming.lian at oracle.com
Fri Dec 7 07:20:38 EST 2007

Hi Kubo,

Maybe I have missed some knowledge so that I am a little confused about 
how the alloc_sz is calculated during binding phase. Look at following 
code snippet for initializing String binding:

File: bind.c
Function: bind_string_init

    sz += sizeof(sb4);
    obind->value_sz = sz;
    obind->alloc_sz = (sz + (sizeof(sb4) - 1)) & ~(sizeof(sb4) - 1);

I am wondering why the alloc_sz is calculated from the above expression, 
any hints? I want to make this clear because this attribute will be used 
for allocating memory for binding value and passed to 
OCIBindArrayOfStruct as skip parameter later.

Thanks in advance!


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