[ruby-dbi-users] Thinking of trying to resurrect the ADO DBD--anybody already working on that?

Erik Hollensbe erik at hollensbe.org
Wed Nov 25 02:55:57 EST 2009

On 11/24/2009 11:40 AM, Pardee, Roy wrote:
> Hey All,
> It looks to me like the one thing keeping me from moving to ruby 1.9 is the lack of a DBI driver for ADO.  I'm thinking of trying to put something together (most likely borrowing heavily from Michael Neumann's original ado.rb, at least as an initial strategy).
> (This would be a stretch for me skills-wise, so nobody should hold their breath waiting for it.)
> Has anybody already taken that on by chance?
Nobody has, and I can assure you that it would be greatly appreciated by 
many users.

> Are there other DBD developers on here w/advice for me?

Getting type conversion in the 0.4.x series is going to be a complete 
pain in the ass, that's my fault. You will likely be hitting a moving 
target in upcoming months as I (please, lord, grant me the free time to 
get this done) attempt to revamp this system for 0.6.x. Other than that, 
there are some outstanding issues getting DBI to work on 1.9, but Mike 
has patched those out, and I just have to roll them in and release them.

Pistos, Mike and myself populate a channel on freenode: #ruby-dbi. 
Responses can take a while sometimes ("busy" is putting it pretty 
lightly when it comes to how taxed all three of us are), but Pistos 
maintains m4dbi and Mike and I work on the core and DBDs, so that's your 
best bet of getting help while you're working on this.

Godspeed and best of luck, you'd definitely being doing the 
windows-using populace a tremendous favor. Also, metaskills (who writes 
the SQL server adapter for rails, which uses DBI) would likely be 
interested in your plight as well. You can find him on github.


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