[ruby-dbi-users] git changes

databaseofgrace.5.pistos at geoshell.com databaseofgrace.5.pistos at geoshell.com
Sat Sep 6 09:11:08 EDT 2008

2008/9/6 Erik Hollensbe - erik at hollensbe.org <+databaseofgrace+pistos>
7) at *some point*, DBD repositories will be self-hosting and truly
> independent (their own test suites, etc). This is not a priority and 0.6.0
> could likely come long before that.
> I'm having trouble coming up with a better situation than this, and have asked
> several communities on how to solve it, and basically got 'it sucks, but it
> sounds like you need submodules' as an answer from all of them.
> In other words, I would *love* to hear better solutions. Please don't hold
> back.

Erik: My initial thought is how about you fork or clone the existing
single repo several times, once for each DBD, then in the clones, take
a light sabre and lop off everything but the DBD files and dirs you
want to keep for that one clone, and then setup a new remote (i.e.
github fork) with an appropriate name (e.g. dbd-pg).  That way, you
keep the full history to date, but moving forward, each
properly-renamed clone contains only the DBD it's meant to, or in the
case of DBI, DBI alone.

How about that?


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