[ruby-dbi-users] git changes

Erik Hollensbe erik at hollensbe.org
Sat Sep 6 06:20:52 EDT 2008

I'm a little resigned to do this, especially now that people are using the git 
repositories on a wider scale.

However, the independent development of DBI and the DBDs pretty much requires 
this, and 0.6.0 is locked from moving forward until some progress is made on 

Sometime this week I'll be breaking the DBI repository into pieces which 
represent the four supported DBDs and DBI. I will be forced to move files 
around before I do this that will be unable to be pushed until the work is 

If you have unfinished patches or other local modifications, pay attention to 
the following changes and timeline:

1) Patches to get DBI building without rubygems will be created; DBI 0.4.1 
will be released
2) DBI repository will be slightly restructured to take advantage of 
submodules, this will initially be contained to the lib/dbd directory, but 
build tools will be modified as well.
3) DBD repos will be created and pushed
4) DBI repo (with submodules) will be pushed
5) Branches will be created in all repos that echo our current development 
strategy; 'master' for maintenance patching for release versions, and 
'development' for features/architecture changes that will be included in the 
next release.
6) scripts will be created to sync DBI and the submodules, hopefully easing 
the configuration/management burden on casual users.
7) at *some point*, DBD repositories will be self-hosting and truly 
independent (their own test suites, etc). This is not a priority and 0.6.0 
could likely come long before that.

I'm having trouble coming up with a better situation than this, and have asked 
several communities on how to solve it, and basically got 'it sucks, but it 
sounds like you need submodules' as an answer from all of them.

In other words, I would *love* to hear better solutions. Please don't hold 



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