[ruby-dbi-users] DBD:Pg requires postgresql to be configured to datestyle=mdy (WAS: Proposing patch for sqlite3 driver (very, very long))

Jarl Friis jarl at gavia.dk
Mon Oct 6 05:37:12 EDT 2008

Dear Erik.

Thanks for a very long explanation of what you have in your mind. It
will take some time for me to understand your ideas (I am new to ruby,
and the architecture/design of DBI/DBD is also new to me), it probably
makes more sense when I see a concrete source code suggestion.

Further it seems like you are trying to solve a much more general
issue than my initial problem regarding DBD:Pg being US-specific. It
all sounds good, but regarding my initial issue, I just want to
emphasize that the underlying pg library accepts the ruby type
DateTime, so in principle there is no need (for this specific
situation and this specific DBD driver) to convert it into a


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