[Ruby-dbi-devel-new] Git repository, DBD testing and DBD::Pg changes

Erik Hollensbe erik at hollensbe.org
Sun Feb 24 21:33:00 EST 2008

I've posted some of this in the news already.

There is a git repository at git://hollensbe.org/git/ruby-dbi.git that you can 
clone and edit at your leisure. It's a full import of the CVS project, and 
our initial additions (described below). We're trying to encourage others 
getting involved in the development effort. Please generate your patches on 
that repo and NOT the CVS repo. Also, if you like getting your patch 
integrated quickly, write tests that I can apply seperately (to watch them 
fail), so I can determine that your patch is the fix for said issue.

DBD testing is there, if only for the DBD::Pg driver for now. Please see 
test/DBD_TESTS for information on creating a configuration which allows you 
to specify which DBDs to test and how you link them to a database.

It's all more ad-hoc than I like it but it's a working solution and gets us on 
our way.

DBD::Pg is now based on the 'ruby-pg' driver and contains working LOB 
and ::bytea support (which is slow due to a bug in the 'pg' driver), and a 
gaggle of other bugfixes.

Next on my list is getting the mysql tests to work with the new DBD testing 
framework, and whacking a number of bugs in the mysql DBD. After that, I will 
be rebasing DBD::SQLite and DBD::SQLite3 on the mature ruby-sqlite* modules 
by Jamis Buck.

This is gearing up for a 0.1.2 release, which will be a long-awaited bugfix 

DBI will not see an API change until at least 0.2.0, but we will be 
integrating bugfixes as we encounter the ability to test them.
Erik Hollensbe <erik at hollensbe.org>

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