[activeldap-discuss] [ANN] ActiveLdap 1.2.0

Kouhei Sutou kou at cozmixng.org
Tue Sep 22 00:52:04 EDT 2009


ActiveLdap 1.2.0 has been released!
 % sudo gem install activeldap

NOTE1: This release includes Rails 2.3.4 support.
       Rails < 2.3.4 have a security problem. You should
       update to the latest Rails.

NOTE2: This release has a backward INCOMPATIBILITY.
       ActiveLdap::Base#dn and ActiveLdap::Base#base return
       ActiveLdap::DN object instead of String. You may need
       to add ".to_s" in your program. ActiveLdap::DN#to_s
       returns a String represented DN that is the same
       #dn and #base value of the previous releases.

Here are changes from 1.1.0:

* Supported Rails 2.3.4.
  [#23932] Inconsistant DN handling in object attributes [Marc Dequènes]
  (ActiveLdap::Base#dn and ActiveLdap::Base#base return
  ActiveLdap::DN not String)
* [#26824] support operational attributes detection [Marc Dequènes]
  (added ActiveLdap::Schema::Attribute#directory_operation?)
* [#27] Error saving an ActiveLDAP user [brad at lucky-dip.net]
* [#29] Raised on modify_rdn_entry when rdn already exists [Alexey.Chebotar]
* Added ActiveLdap::DN.parent.


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