[Ruby-activeldap-discuss] How do I list the values of all attributes?

Davide Vaghetti davide.vaghetti at unipi.it
Tue Dec 11 03:15:30 EST 2007

Matt Mencel wrote:
> Awesome....this works as you indicated...
> user.wiu_registered_star
> Wonderful!!
> Just a side note...and suggestion for the mailing list.  Can you make it so that when we hit "Reply" in our mail client, it makes it a reply to the list, and not a reply to the original sender.  Currently I have to choose "Reply-All", then cut the list address out of the CC line and paste it into the TO line.  There should be a list config setting that controls this.

In my mailman version the option is "Explicit Reply-To: header." in the 
General Options.


Davide Vaghetti
Centro SerRA - University of Pisa NOC

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