[Ruby-activeldap-discuss] Case sensitivity and doubled base

James Hughes hughes.james at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 15:01:25 EDT 2007


I'm trying to track down a problem where the base portion of a dn is doubled:


The above should read:


I haven't been able to track down where this is happening at all,
except to note that of the five ou's in my directory, two of them are
stored as "ou=<org_name>,ou=users,dc=noosphere" whereas the rest are
stored with "ou=Users" (note the change in case). And, you guessed it,
the ones with the doubled base's are the ones with the lower-case
"users" portion.

As mentioned, I'm still trying to track where this corruption is
happening, but I thought I'd bring it up early in case someone can see
immediately what's going on.

I'm running off the latest svn revision.

 I'm getting these results on find() calls to the ou model.



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