[Rubish-devel] Module Framework

George Entenman zabouti at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 22:34:05 EDT 2005

On 8/29/05, Kyle Shank <kyle.shank at gmail.com> wrote:
> The module framework will be the most important piece to the
> foundation of the rubish CMS. Every successful CMS in the past (e.g.
> Drupal,Nuke) has implemented some variation on a modular framework
> that allows for the plugging in and out of pre-packaged features.
> Modularity is a key component of any content management system that
> wants to leave an open door to future functionality. While discussing
> a system built with nice and cleanly seperate modules sounds like a
> given, actually achieving it is something else altogether.
> Several issues arise when trying to design a modular framework:
>     * Performance
>     * Packaging
>     * Integration
>     * Cross-Module communication
> Ok, so we want rubish to have a modular framework that performs well,
> can be packaged up easily, integrates seamless with Rails and allows
> for simple cross module communication (e.g. A Podcast module talking
> to a Blog module in order to post shownotes).
> I'll have more on this on the wiki soon, just wanted to circulate the
> primer to get everyone thinking about this.
> -Kyle


I've mainly dealt with modules as someone installing them, not as
someone writing them.

>From a programming point of view, it seems to me that modules should
subclass the main rubish modules.  Is that how modules are usually

Not even sure this is a well-formed question, but thought I'd toss it out.

-- ge

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