[rspec-users] <help> renders new/edit user_mst form

Oliver Jesus oliverjesus2008 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 08:47:39 UTC 2013

Hello! I need a little help.
If I run my rspec (rspec spec --backtrace) I've got error like this.Please help my. I greatly appreciated your answers.
Finished in 14.39 seconds173 examples, 6 failures, 5 pending
Failed examples:
rspec ./spec/views/department_msts/edit.html.erb_spec.rb:12 # department_msts/edit.html.erb renders the edit department_mst formrspec ./spec/views/department_msts/new.html.erb_spec.rb:12 # department_msts/new.html.erb renders new department_mst formrspec ./spec/views/employee_msts/edit.html.erb_spec.rb:19 # employee_msts/edit.html.erb renders the edit employee_mst formrspec ./spec/views/employee_msts/new.html.erb_spec.rb:19 # employee_msts/new.html.erb renders new employee_mst formrspec ./spec/views/user_msts/edit.html.erb_spec.rb:17 # user_msts/edit.html.erbrenders the edit user_mst formrspec ./spec/views/user_msts/new.html.erb_spec.rb:17 # user_msts/new.html.erb renders new user_mst form
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