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On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 2:54 PM, Jim Coble <jim.coble at duke.edu> wrote:

>  One of my tests needs to be provided with a particular directory path.
> While I can code this path as a literal directly in the test spec, it seems
> to me it might be better to have it in a configuration file somewhere so
> that I have one place to maintain it and look for it.  Would spec_helper.rb
> be a reasonable place to define it?  Is there a more customary place?  Note
> that I am not trying to configure RSpec per se or even how RSpec runs the
> test.  Rather, I’m trying to provide some information (a character string)
> that the test needs in order to run.

Step 1: hardcode the path directly into your spec
Step 2: extract the path so that it's a (local) parameter to your spec
Step 3: when you want to use it in multiple specs, move it to a `let`
statement within the context that the specs have in common
Step 4: when you want to use it in multiple unrelated specs, well, is that
a coincidence? Maybe you don't need to use the same *value* in both places
Step 5: when you're sure that you want to use the same value in multiple
unrelated specs, move it into a class defined in a spec_helper-ish thing

Underlying principles:

* Don't duplicate the hardcoded path, but
* Keep the scope of the path as narrow as possible at all times
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