[rspec-users] An updated RSpec syntax cheatsheet

Barney Desmond barney at anchor.net.au
Thu Apr 4 01:23:45 UTC 2013

Our team at work has been using RSpec pretty heavily recently, not having
done a large amount of development before, so we're a bit green.

Because of this we've been making heavy use of Dave Astel's syntax
cheatsheet, though we noticed it's a bit out of date when it comes to the
use of "should" vs. "expect".

In short, we've updated it with the new goodies and got it up to scratch
with the current state of affairs, putting it out there and hoping it's of
use to other people as well.


There's a few changes been made to the overall layout as we feel it makes
it a bit more useful overall. If there's any comments or complaints we'd be
interested in hearing them. :)


Barney Desmond <barney at anchor.net.au>
Anchor Systems

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