[rspec-users] what would be the best way to stub out an XHR request's response?

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Wed Sep 26 16:16:01 UTC 2012

If I have a javascript ajax request happening that fetches json data
from a remote service, and I want to be running an integration test with
rspec-- what would be the best way to stub out that service?

The ideas that I've come up is:

manually add a route + open up application controller from within my
spec and dynamically create an action that returns mock json...  Then
make my .js a .js.erb file, and do something like:

$.ajax({ url: <%= Rails.env.test? ? 
"/my_added_route_that_hits_the_controller_method_that_returns_json" :
"http://somewebservice.com/feed" %> });

Can anyone come up with any better solutions?

Patrick J. Collins

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