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Fahim Patel pafahim at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 10:43:56 UTC 2012

Selenium automates web browsers.

Cucumber automates tests.

can u please explain this line??


can u give answer on this questions

if i have 2 sceanario and 1 background  .
but i want only 1 scenario should used that backgound  and 2nd
scenario  dont use that background.

and i want to run them same time.
can it is possible ?

What is the diff between Capybara and Webrat?
Which one is by default configure with cucumber  ?
If both are providing  same functionality than which one i use?

How to test  view in cucumber ?
 I want to test CSS and body of page(DOM objects) are working
perfectly or not  ?How to Write in Scenario to test View?

What is this Silenium Framework  ?
Can i use this for Rails application   ?
This framework is better than Cucumber for High level testing ?
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