[rspec-users] confusion with rspec + jasmine

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Tue Oct 2 00:00:32 UTC 2012

So, people seem to talk about integrating RSpec and Jasmine together..
I am trying to do something really simple:  Have a spec that verifies
that dom elements are actually captured and assigned to variables.

I can't find any useful information online about how to setup something
like this?

So in otherwords, lets say I have a rails controller action with a
corresponding view...  That view has something like:

<p class="special">I am so <a href="#">special</a></p>

Then say I have a .js file that does:

window.accessibleStuff = { special_paragraph: $('p.special'), special_link: $('p.special a')

and then I want to have a simle spec that will do:

var elements = ["special_paragraph", "special_link"];

for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i ++) {
  var key = elements[i],
      el  = window.accessibleStuff[key];



That seems like a simple and reasonable thing to want to have a test
for, but I don't see how to set it up so that my rails controller
actions will be rendered when running my jasmine specs.  It seems like
all the examples I see are about jasmine testing raw javascript logic,
not at all about verifying that interfacing with the dom or a library's api is

Can anyone shed some light as to how I can get this setup?

Patrick J. Collins

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