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On 24 November 2012 03:24, Perry Smith <pedzsan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've never really done BDD or TDD.  I've done various tests but not really
> allowing the tests to direct the development
> I've read various books and I bought the RSpec book and was reading it --
> up to chapter 4.
> Today while torquing with a toy Rails project, a small change mushroomed
> into a major revamp due to new ideas I've picked up from DCI, Objects on
> Rails, and other sources.  I don't really have the tests like I should to
> verify my changes work so this seemed like a good opportunity to really do
> the revamp using BDD with RSpec and Cucumber.  The toy Rails project is
> specifically intended to teach me new things.
> My question is: would it work for me to just jump up to chapter 19 where
> the RSpec book starts talking about Rails?  Or would it be better (less
> frustration, etc) if I plowed through the other chapters?
It might well do, however Chapters 21 and 22 are very webrat centred, and
you really want to use Capybara instead. Chapter 23 isn't really necessary
if you are using Cucumber and the same could be said for Chapter 24.
Chapter 25 is where you should start using RSpec with rails.

The book is quite old now. It still has great value for understanding core
BDD principles, and for covering the range of things you can do with RSpec,
but if you use it as a guide to follow step by step without sufficient
background understanding you might get bitten by its age. The Cucumber book
might be better to use with Rails for this.

Finally the most important bit of the book is the diagram on page 29.
Understanding that cycle is key to doing BDD well, and the codebreaker
example does have the merit of being a low overhead way of examining this
cycle in great detail, without all the baggage that Rails brings

HTH and Good luck


> Any other hints or suggestions would be welcomed as well.
> Thank you,
> Perry Smith
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