[rspec-users] RSpec newbie

Perry Smith pedzsan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 03:24:23 UTC 2012

I've never really done BDD or TDD.  I've done various tests but not really allowing the tests to direct the development

I've read various books and I bought the RSpec book and was reading it -- up to chapter 4.

Today while torquing with a toy Rails project, a small change mushroomed into a major revamp due to new ideas I've picked up from DCI, Objects on Rails, and other sources.  I don't really have the tests like I should to verify my changes work so this seemed like a good opportunity to really do the revamp using BDD with RSpec and Cucumber.  The toy Rails project is specifically intended to teach me new things.

My question is: would it work for me to just jump up to chapter 19 where the RSpec book starts talking about Rails?  Or would it be better (less frustration, etc) if I plowed through the other chapters?

Any other hints or suggestions would be welcomed as well.

Thank you,
Perry Smith

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