[rspec-users] test case creation for a pizza ordering site

George Dinwiddie lists at iDIAcomputing.com
Sun Nov 18 03:36:59 UTC 2012


You'll get better help on Cucumber if you use the Cucumber mailing list 
rather than the rspec list. I've CC'd that list on this reply. Please 
join that list and reply only there.

On 11/17/12 9:57 PM, chaitra b. wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Ruby and Cucumber. Can anyone help me with creating test
> scripts using cucumber for a pizza ordering site which requires a login
> or new user creation to place an order.

Is this an existing application or one you're developing?

If you're developing it, I'd leave out login and new user creation for a 
little while. Start with the guts of placing an order. In fact, I'd 
probably start with only a single type of pizza available online. You 
can start with one central idea, and then grow the concept into a 
full-featured pizza ordering site.

  - George

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