[rspec-users] Stubs and contract tests

Alexandre de Oliveira chavedomundo at gmail.com
Fri May 11 14:24:19 UTC 2012

Hey guys, could you help me (in)validating an idea?

As you might know, Contract tests solve a problem stubs have: if the object
interface changes, the stubbed tests will continue passing.

In RSpec, it's common to use a shared_context to describe contracts, so
both Posts and Comments tests would have PostsCommentsContract. If
Comment's interface ever changed, Posts tests would present a failure
wherever we ran it. However, it won't tell us which stubbed methods were
invalid now; it just tell us the file that have invalid stubs.

If we had, for example, #stub_contract(:method), automatically raising
a failure if its reference (double) object's interface changed, how would
it be bad?

I'm trying to think the cons of it. Could you guys help me finding it?

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