[rspec-users] stuck in testing hell...

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Tue May 1 03:24:31 UTC 2012

Hey everyone,

So here I am, trying to love my testing process-- but I really hit a
wall today and experienced a moment where testing totally causes a lack
of productivity...  To make a long story short, here's what happened:

I've been integrating a 3rd party payment service within my app-- The
way it works is, you get a token for the transaction, and then send a
request to their API to see if the credit card authorizes, and then if
it does, you can purchase it and make sure that's valid...

So I have a purchase model, and I am using state_machine to store the
transaction state...  For example, when an attempt to authorize a
credit card is done, if that fails, then the state machine transitions
within a failure block to set the purchase's state to

...  Ok...  So, I made tests to cover all of this behavior, and
everything was perfect-- all tests were passing, and then I was told:
"Hey, we want to store the transaction data in the purchase records--
whether it failed or succeded"...  I said:  Sure!  No Problem!

The way I had this setup was, an attr_accessor :samurai_transaction

and then a before_create callback that calls a method

... That method basically did:

Samurai::Processor.authorize( ...bunch o' auth data stuff... )

So to keep this data around, I made a migration to create the column
(same name as the attr_accessor property) and then I added serialize
:samurai_transaction and removed the attr_accessor macro.

Everything should be exactly the same behaviorally..  Ran my tests to

Inspecting the failures, I see that all of a sudden I am getting bogus
errors about "undefined method `matches_method?' for nil:NilClass"

I go through everything trying to figure out where this is coming from
and finally find that it's from my stubbing out the calls to Samurai..
I was doing:

auth = stub("auth", :success? => true, :capture => true)
Samurai::Processor.stubs(:authorize).returns auth

..  It worked fine before, but apparently something can't handle the
serialized database column holding a mocked object?  No idea...

So I changed this to:
auth = OpenStruct.new(:success? => true, :capture => true)

The error went away, which then made me convinced that it is something
to do with Mocha.....  However, then I saw other tests failing, and
guess why?


.... uhh?

Samurai has it's own ".capture" method to take funds..  This has some
conflicts with Rails' internal ".capture".........  For some reason,
o = OpenStruct.new(:capture => true)
  => wrong number of arguments error...

So now I have to do:

o = OpenStruct.new(:kapture => true)
def o.capture

and, suddenly I am finding myself in hacky hack land-- and hating every
minute of it.

Not to mention my tests still are breaking because of some other undetermined
problems having to do with OpenStruct not being as "simple" of a
solution as I was hoping.


Patrick J. Collins

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