[rspec-users] can I output the html of the page after calling click_button?

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:23:44 UTC 2012

see below

On 2 March 2012 03:33, S Ahmed <sahmed1020 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not sure why my form submission is failing (request test).
> I am calling:
> # form is filled in a 'before do' block.
> it "should create an account" do
>   expect { click_button "Create" }.to change(Account, :count).by(1)

put a debugger statement here

  1 # so the debugger doesn't drop into rspec

> Could I somehow view the HTML after the click_button call?
> Manually submitting the form works fine for me, so I'm confused.
Now you can

1) Look at the html directly e.g. > page.body
2) Output the page.body in a pretty way perhaps using Coderay
3) Use irb to do all sorts of other thing

Alternatively use capybara' save_and_open_page


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