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Иван Неверов ivan.neverov at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 11:36:35 EST 2012

Hi all,

I want to write a test grid over rspec && spork.

For example we have grid with several nodes. Each has spork running on it.

Master node accept some filters like --tag tag:value to run
It select all examples for this conditions and distribute them through
nodes with syntax like
rspec path_to_test:line_number

Problem is following. I can get exact line for example with (in some method
like "list" in lib/rspec/core/world.rb)
filtered_examples.collect{|g,es| es}.flatten.uniq.compact.collect{|ex|

but if example group includes shared examples it get wrong line number
Explain on example:

1  shared_examples_for "a" do
2    context "one" do
3      it "shared" do
4      end
5    end
6    context 'two' do
7      it "shared1" do
8      end
9    end
10 end
11 describe "1" do
12   it_should_behave_like "a"
13 end
14 describe "2" do
15   it_should_behave_like "a"
16   it "three" do
17   end
18   it "four" do
19   end
20 end

Result is

But I can get all calling chain for Example (using metadata[:example_group])

Other case of problem we cannot run specific shared example in context of
some describe
For example for test above, run Example "shared" in context of ExampleGroup
Command rspec test_spec.rb:3 execute for all ExampleGroup's "1" and "2"

Maybe there is a syntax to run shared example in context of some
ExampleGroup, like:
rspec test_spec.rb:14:15:2:3
# to run "shared" in context of ExampleGroup "1"

rspec test_spec.rb:16,18
# to run Example's "three" and "four"

rspec test_spec.rb:14:15:2:3,11:12:6:7
# to run Example "shared" in context of ExampleGroup "2" and Example
"shared1" in context of ExampleGroup "1"

What do you think about all this.
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