[rspec-users] getting ActionController::RoutingError when I test namespaced controllers

Lille lille.penguini at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 07:22:36 EST 2012


Given spec/controllers and given this is typical of the structure in
my functional testing subdirectories...

> > api/some_controller_spec.rb
> >   describe Api::SomeController, ...

...when I attempt to test everything in the subdirectories from the
root using this command -- rspec spec/controllers, I get the following
error for every test in the subdirectories:

       No route matches {:controller=>..., :action=>...}

Meanwhile, running rspec at each subdirectory yields expected results
and the controllers function in development.

So, it feels like an rspec configuration thing that I need to adjust
to account for the subdirectories, but what?



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