[rspec-users] "config.before(:each)" is not run after "let!" ?

Patrick J. Collins patrick at collinatorstudios.com
Thu Aug 2 20:24:43 UTC 2012

I have a model with an observer that emails out upon creation, and I
want to do some testing of emails that get generated via various
actions...  So I was hoping I could do:

# spec_helper.rb

config.before(:each) do

# my_phat_observer_spec.rb

let!(:yo_momma) { create_yo_momma }

describe "after_update" do
  it "sends an email when it knows your daddy" do
    expect { yo_momma.update_attribute(:daddy => create_daddy) }.to
change(ActionMailer::Base, :deliveries).by(1)


However, inside that example group, ActionMailer::Base.deliveries is populated from the create_yo_momma
method-- before the expectation is even declared.

Is there a way to make a config.before(:each) that actually runs as the
*LAST* before callback prior to the actual example group?

Thank you.

Patrick J. Collins

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