[rspec-users] How to modify database inside a transaction in before(:all)?

Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas rr.rosas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 22:39:05 UTC 2012

I have a set of examples that should run with a specific set of records 
in the database.

Since setting those records is an expensive operation I'd like to 
perform it just once per context.

For example:

context 'sample tree' do
     before(:all) { create_tree_records }

     example ...

The problem with this is that while before(:each) and the examples will 
run in a transaction that will be rolled back at the end of each 
example, that won't happen to the records created/modified by the 
before(:all) block.

It seems my database vendor (PostgreSQL) supports nested transactions 


I should also notice that I'm using Sequel and it seems that 
transactions are reentrant in Sequel:


Database#transaction is re-entrant:

   DB.transaction do # BEGIN issued only here
       dataset << {:first_name => 'Inigo', :last_name => 'Montoya'}
end # COMMIT issued only here

So, this logic wouldn't work for me. I need a save point in a 
before(:all), so that I'd restore it on a before(:each).

Is there any recommendation to make this work in my specs?

Thanks in advance,

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