[rspec-users] Access controller object in controller macro

Nasir Jamal nas35_in at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 08:59:09 UTC 2012

Hi Justin

Yes, the specs are in app_root/spec/controllers/ and we running the specs from app_root. We are including the macros like so:

RSpec.configure do |config|
    config.include(ControllerMacros, :type => :controller)

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On Apr 17, 2012, at 1:30 PM, Nasir Jamal wrote:

>We have just upgraded our Rails 2.3.11 app to Rails 3.0.0 and Rspec 1.3.2 to 2.6. We are having two problems with rspec currently and any help would be great.
>1) We have some controller macros where we have been using the controller object, session hash, response, etc. in different methods for e.g.
>module ControllerMacros
>  def imaginary_method_with_example_calls
>     # in actual code different methods call one of the below, this is just an example of things not working
>    controller.stubs(:method)
>    controller.class.skip_before_filter(:name)
>    session[:user_id] = user.id
>    response.something
>  end
>But now after upgrading to Rspec 2.6 they do not work
 and calling controller just returns nil and hence undefined method 'skip_before_filter' for NilClass error. I did google but found nothing regarding this.
>2) Changing 'request.request_uri' to 'request.full_path' raises the following error when running rspec
>       undefined method `full_path' for #<ActionController::TestRequest:0x1bfa46f8>
>Any help / suggestion would be really helpful.
>Kind regards,
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I assume your app directory looks like this?


And you are running the specs from the *app_root*?

How are you including this module?
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